About us


What you want, at the highest quality available.

StyleLocker is more than just another clothing company in the fashion industry, we are a symbol of a certain way of thinking. Here at StyleLocker we have a mindset, combining productivity with entertainment and reminding you that whatever you do in life, have fun doing it.

We embody the multi-ethnic influences of today’s artists, whether it be in sport or music, we set out to reflect a positive message, reconnecting the buyer with an understanding and awareness of their inner-self and surroundings.

StyleLocker began in early 2009 with our main goals to provide you with:

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 100% Satisfaction

Our team


Located in Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom.

We are mainly involved in online sales, however if you would like to purcahse a wholesale amount please get in touch with us at sales@stylelocker.co.uk. We wish you a pleasant experience with us.


Excellent, customer service was amazing. Will buy again.

Aaron Mason

“My fifth purchase now, impresses me every time, great quality, any issues resolved very quickly, quick delivery. Very quick to answer any questions or queries I have, well done.

Ian Watkins